Traditional Thursday 5/1/14 (PURPLE Earrings, Prima Blog Feature and Bead Soup Blog Party)

Today I am not really very TRADITIONAL, but I am working on traditional style bead work….does that count?  There has been some news about the 8th BSBP Reveal that was supposed to be this Saturday.  The hostess – Ms.Lori McDaniel Anderson – has been having some health issues.  I hope that she gets better soon, this is one of those REALLY big REVEALS.  I mean, how hard could it be to pair-up, do several of your own soups and organize over 450 people….oh ya, and be sick too….OMG, I could NOT do it!  If you don’t know me very well I guess I should tell you that the comment above was mean in TOTAL sarcasm.  I couldn’t, wouldn’t and don’t want to do what she does!!  But, I HAVE been inspired by her wonderful spirit and creations for many years.  So, please be patient with the REVEAL, health ALWAYS comes first over anything else – yes, even beads!! 🙂

But, since I have already started showing off my creation I’ll continue through today, but then I’ll stop showing the photos and let you wait until the REVEAL day to see the finished creations….and yes, I said creations!  I have actually made SEVERAL things out of the wonderful soup I received!!  You can see it grow even more today over on my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Just look at these earrings.  PURPLE.  SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL. SILVER PLATED Seed Beads. Yep, wonderful, I think!! Oh ya, and they ship FREE!!!,86/exclusive-swarovski-crystal-purple-delight-handmade-beadwoven-earrings-a-krafty-max-original-design,396
OK, this is really kind-of cool!!  I am the Prima Bead Blogger Featured Blogger!!  How cool is that??  It is a short Tutorial I wrote about doing the ends of Peyote Bracelets…..want to read it?  Click on the graphic below.  PLEASE leave a comment on that post to show your support!!
Here is my last note on Ms. Carla from Taryns Bath Treasures.  Her creations are all handmade with love and all natural.  Please make sure you check out her sites and if you don’t buy anything RIGHT now, mark the links for the future!!  Here are 2 more of my favorites!!
Today I would like to leave you with thought;

Ever Forward, but Slowly. ~Von Blucher
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