Traditional Thursday 5/29/14 (Monster, Pink and Purple Bracelet and a Little Girl)

So, the other day I showed you photos of my kids, and today I want to show off again!! First thing yesterday my son had his end of the year Awards Ceremony.  It was also ‘dress like a geek’ day!  I know, kind of a strange thing to combine, but in the end it was so much fun!!  Monster goes to a SMALL private school that is full of loving and helpful teachers.  Here are a couple of photos of him – as he won a MOST IMPROVED READER award!!  I am so very proud of him!  
Starting this year (in 3rd grade) his reading and writing skills were barely at kindergarten level!  Now he is firmly at a 2nd grade level and after some more practice will be at level!  I just can’t tell you how much this school, and the people in it, have helped my Monster grow as a Reader, but also in his pride, self esteem and strength!  THANK YOU.  (If anyone wants to know the name of his school, please message or email me, for security reasons I don’t want to put their name with his). 
I have two – well, three – things to show off today!  First there is this bracelet that I kept forgetting to do photos of.  You watched it being made, and here it is!!
And then there are these Hair Sticks.  I will be listing them and taking them up to BlendedTreasuresJax later today, but if you want them now, let me know!!  They are $14.00 per set plus $1.50 shipping!!

So, have you been watching?  My little girl has be growing!!  But wait, there is so much more to her…well, to the creation…. come over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Be willing to accept a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement!! 
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  1. annas04

    Cool, you made more hair pieces!!! Very nice 🙂