Traditional Thursday 6/12/14 (Vintage Glasses, Fire Mountain Gems and Pretty Chic Boutique)

Today should be another wonderful day of beading…..I hope!  It is supposed to storm most of the day which means the kids will be in the house and BORED!  OH BOY!  It will be a ‘put a movie in’ or ‘play in your room’ kind of day for me!!  I love my kids, but they get bored very easy and if they can’t spend their days outside life is just not happy for them! 
But, the good news, they are still ‘loving’ the rubber band creations, so that should keep them very busy! 
Again, nothing brand new to show off, but I just love looking through my studio to find some creations to ‘show off’!!  I have over 600 creations in my ArtFire studio, so look around if you get a moment!!
How many of you have been watching my ‘hello kitty’ bracelet grow?  I think she is just tooooo cute!  If you want to come over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
How many of you have checked out Ms. Kayla Reed from Emmas Extras LLC and also the brick and mortar boutique Pretty Chic Boutique?  Well, you should!  Many of her items are custom made to match what the customer wants.  She provides photos of all her fabric so that you can mix and match to design your own creations!

Right now she is using the Instagram for her studio – and I have looked through it, it is fun and very full of great creations to look at.  As I mentioned she also has a brink and mortar store at the local farmers market.  AND, in the works – her own website!  

As you can see, this artist is off and running!! Below is even a photo of her daughter modeling one of her dress sets and a overall view of her boutique.   Like I said, worth the look!!
Oh my, Fire Mountain Gems is having a BIG sale on their Pewter Pendants in Sparkling and Enameled Styles  Just look at how cute these are!!
So, don’t forget to use my link – if you don’t mind – to order from them…oh ya, and here is another sale!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Being OLD doesn’t seem so OLD now that we’re OLD!
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