Traditional Thursday 8/28/14 (MOM, DEEP Green and Crystal, Kickstarter and Lisa Wingate)

It is Traditional Thursday, I thought I would show off something new about something from the past!  Confused?? Well, if you remember my award winning Reaching Tranquility Miniature Dressing Screen then you’ll understand all of this.  If you are not sure about the story, click on the ad below to go to the original post and learn about this creation!!
I recently received this artwork from Fire Mountain Gems with a note that says that this is what they will use – IF – they choose to use my Reaching Tranquility Miniature Dressing Screen in one of their cover adds….WOW!! It just make me proud all over again!!
Today is my mother’s birthday.  
Not only do I wish to honor her because she is my mother, but also because she is my best friend.  It wasn’t always that way, there were many times when my mother and I didn’t get along, but we have always found a way back to each other.  She is also the person who taught me about art, beads, sewing, cooking, crochet and knitting, photography, quilting, cross stitching, weaving, love, life, the be generous to ALL with your talents and abilities, beads (ops, already said that one) and to love with all my heart – no matter what!  So, to her I say….Happy Birthday and I love you mom!!
Did I mention she and my dad are the owners of Gilmore Looms?
 I have a NEW listing for today!! YEP I sure do!! I just love the deep moss color of these beads and the ‘veins’ in them!!  This is one of those BOLD, but yet SIMPLE, necklace sets that can be worn with almost anything!
These beautiful Lapis Blue Dyed Magnesite Donuts are coming along wonderfully!! Please come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Just look at what I am doing!!  I hope you will SHARE, Pledge (as little as $1) and help me SPREAD the word about my campaign!!
LOOK at this give-a-way!!  I can tell you that it is worth it just to enter.  When you do you will follow Lisa Wingate and find out all about her and her amazing books!!  I have to tell you, I have now read all of her published books and they are all WONDERFUL!! Each one has a message for everyone and they all touch us, just a little differently.  I always tell people that they are more inspirational than religious, because they touch the ‘core’ of who you are. 
So, enter and enjoy looking around….and good luck!!
Today I would like to leave you with this message;

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world!
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