Traditional Thursday 8/7/14 (My Lady Carrissa, Kickstarter and Angry Sisters)

Is it really Thursday already?  WOW! Well, I guess we’ll just ‘go with it’!!!  My plan for the day – STAY HOME ALL DAY!! We’ll see if that actually works!! I do know that I will be beading most of the day, if for no other reason for my sanity!!
Do you have a craft, special book or even a garden that just makes EVERYTHING better? Is it just for fun or is it your life??
 I might not have gotten much done yesterday, but I did do a little!!  Here is where I start off this morning!! Please come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Here is a perfect necklace for the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October….don’t you think??  This would make a statement!!
Only a few HOURS left, so come over and enter!! Remember, no matter which form you enter on, they ALL go into the ‘hat’ for the give-a-way!!
Last few hours to pledge… please either pledge $1+ or pass it along to someone else!! THANK YOU!!
One more time I would like to talk to you about Kristen Gandy & Robin Thigpen from Angry Sisters Natural Body Products.
This time I want to tell you HOW/WHY their creations are so amazing…well, besides their wonderful sense of humor and great names!! 
It is because of what they put – or rather – what they DON’T put into their products.  
Guess what this is an ingredient list for;
`Coconut Oil
`Shea Butter
`Coca Butter
`Grapefruit Essential Oils
`Vitamin Essential Oil
`Pink Mica Mineral Powder
Any guesses? The amazing My Lips Hurt Real Bad Lip Balm….and let me tell you, mine don’t hurt anymore!!!!
One more? OK, guess what this list is for;
`Dandelion Infused Coconut Oil
`Niaouli Essential Oil
`Vitamin E Oil 
This is the Sun & Dandi Salve that I have been using on my dry cracked soar beading hands….and let me just say, they are not dry anymore!!!! 
So, check out their sites, LIKE their page and order something WONDERFUL for yourself!! 
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

LIFE is what you make of it! ~KM
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