Traditional Thursday 9/18/14 (FALL Bracelet, Kickstarter and Kimmie’s Clay Kreations)

What a week it has been!! I know, it is only Thursday, but still, it has been busy and fun!! Today I am going to try VERY hard to finish the current bracelet I am working on!! I also hope to have the tutorial done at the end of the weekend!!  WHO KNEW that they are this hard to do!?!?! 
I am thrilled to show off more from my studio.  With over 650 items there is lots to see and many different styles!!
Watching??  LIKE??  I just love the fall and this bracelet is just about the perfect vision of fall, don’t you think??  You can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page; I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
I know, I keep asking, but please, please, please, Pledge.  Every $1 really does make a difference!! So please, click and Pledge!!
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Last year my gift guide was a great success.  I am already starting to work on this years so that it can reach even more people!!  If you are interested in being a part of the gift guide please click on the link below and it will take to you a quick poll to help me make 2014 a even better guide!! The pricing is just amazing….starting at $5 and going up to $50!!  (You can see the 2013 Guide by clicking here)
So, you have now met Ms. Kimmie the owner and designer of Kimmie’s Clay Kreations.  IF you hadn’t noticed yet she works with a lot of Glow in the Dark clay!  And let me tell you, it makes an impact!! Her creations are amazing in the light of the day, but they take on a whole new life when you turn out the lights!! 
I told you I would show you my favorites….well, here they are…notice, they both have PURPLE in them!!
But, there are so many others that I like too! I will be spending some of my holiday money in her shop!! I hope that you do too!  Just look through it and I am sure you’ll find something that is wonderful!!
Today I would like to have you remember;
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