Traditional Thursday 9/25/14 (Bugs and Ghosts, Green and Silver and Blocks from the Heart)

Yesterday was NOT a happy day!! My beads kept me calm and helped me ‘carry on’, but other than the beads….well, it wasn’t a good day! My printer wouldn’t work to make shipping labels, my camera wouldn’t work to take photos, my cell phone had trouble making calls and I stabbed a needle through my finger – pretty badly – that made me stop working on something I was doing ‘on the side’! 
But, today, is another day!! I woke up this morning rested, happy and inspired!! I have designed my first beaded sun-catcher this morning…still need to bead it, but the pattern is done!! 
Ever had those days….not just does everything go wrong, but EVERYTHING goes WRONG?? Glad it is over now!!
I was unable to get photos of my Yellow and Black necklace yesterday – I’ll try again this morning!! But, I still have a few bracelets to show off!! Remember, click on the photos to purchase or just see them!!
Can you see it yet?  No, I can’t either!! But, what I can tell you is that I have this vision in my mind of how all these stones (and there will be crystals) are put together.  The first step is to frame them all!! So, here is where I started and where I am today….. come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page; I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
There are several artists that have already committed to be in my 2014 Gift Guide and for $5 you can have your business card in it too!! Here is a sample of last years guide!!
$5 for Name and up to 5 lines of text (or business card copy)
$15 1/2 Page of your artwork (or I can help with that) Tall or Wide
$30 FULL Page of your artwork (or I can help with that)
$50 2 Page SPAN and business card copy in the directory

Tell me which one(s) you would like and leave your email address and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. HURRY, first in get closer to the front!! 🙂 

Over the past 2 days you have gotten to know Ms. Katie Patton from Blocks From TheHeart.  So have I! And over the past few days she has suffered a loss of her own.  Amazingly enough, she has made some memory boxes for the family of the child who was taken to early! And for me, personally, this had touched me even more now.  I had looked at her boxes and could easily see the attention to detail and love she puts into each one, but now, I see the heart! 
When I looked through her creations to find my favorites it was easy to see that I was gravitating towards a ‘family’ theme….not a bad thing!! So here they are, my absolute favorite is the Calendar…I might have to get one of those!!

Today I would like to leave you with thought;

Change you thoughts and you change your world.
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  1. JoJo

    Love the bracelets!