Traditional Tuesday

As the week gets into full swing I found myself looking for someone who did something a ‘little’ different.  I sometimes think that the time I spend ‘looking’ around ArtFire is the best time I have on this computer!  I get to look through literary hundreds of artists and artwork.  Some days picking just one is really hard, other days there is a special one that pops right out just wanted to be shown off….today I was lucky, this artist ‘found’ me!!  

Ms. Pat with SKYWIND has been making miniature books for over 20 years!  Her talent and dedication to her art shows through!  I just love these wonderful little books, then I read about some of the other things she does…oh boy!!  Please look over her shop, mark it for your MARKET and LIKE her too….
Enjoy your Traditional Tuesday and remember to ‘enjoy’ your day!  ~KM

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  1. Doris Sturm

    What a lovely hobby/craft…I find it so amazing to see other people’s passions. There is a lot of talent out there and I’m so glad you’re taking the time to showcase these wonderful artists.

    Sorry, I’m running behind, but I’m trying to catch up with my reading (and commenting) this weekend.

    Hope you’re doing well and wishing you a wonderful weekend, Krafty 🙂