Traditional Tuesday

My life seems to be an ever changing thing! I seem to move in tooooo many directions at once!  I am still cleaning and ‘discarding’ many things, but somehow time has taken over!!  Yesterday I had the extra kids and then taught class.  I have some errands and I just HAVE TO DO A MINI PHOTO SHOOT today!  At some point I also need to find time to send out cards – hand addressed – to my customers and and I still have more laundry too!!!  
Wow, somehow ‘life gets in the way’!!!  

I found this wonderful Traditional Crocheter on ArtFire a little while back and I have just been waiting for a perfect time to feature her…..CozyNComfy‘s shop is full of beautiful and traditional work.  She also offers FREE SHIPPING (in the US) – if you needed any more convincing!!!  I don’t know how she finds time to do any of it, being a mom of 6!!!!  WOW!  And here I am complaining about my 2 and 2 extras…..6 really???  OH MY!!  Please check out her wonderful work and make sure you LIKE her and mark for so you can find her again! 

Thanks, enjoy your TRADITIONAL Tuesday and please remember to do something for yourself today!  ~KM
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  1. Paula

    Love the Afgha

    keep stitching