Traditional Tuesday

Today I found this wonderfully TRADITIONAL artist.  When I was young I remember sitting with my mom and watching her make wonderful thread crochet items.  They are so tedious and beautiful that for me, they have always been something that any ‘lady’ needs in her house on her dresser (yes, I have one my mom made me on my dresser).  Ms. Lori from Yarn It Any Way has been knitting and crocheting for years.  You can see the perfection in her work!  I couldn’t choose which one to show off, so I am including 2 of her works.  Please make sure you add her to your MARKET and let her know where you found her……I am glad I did!!  

Now you can see why I just love her work!!! 

Enjoy your TRADITIONAL TUESDAY and try to do something that will turn into a tradition!  ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. wcharles

    Paint the sky with stars today
    Wishing you a fab day

  2. Melissajanh

    WOW…what a talented lady she is!!

  3. Lori - Yarn It Any Way

    Thank you so much for displaying my work and all of your wonderful comments! I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler so have found my artistic release with yarn and thread. It really makes my day when someone else sees beauty in my work! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! Lori (aka beenz4u2)