Training Thursday

Today I would like to talk about something that is really hard for me!  TRAINING.  I often find little thing to read, encourage and even motivate myself around the web.  I bookmark the page or print it out to go over and learn from….. then, it sits there!  Yes, I am a procrastinator….a really big one!  I didn’t used to be, but it happened slowly and very completely!  Therefor, I have been doing my own TRAINING for this new BLOG format that I started.  It is brought back the basics and shown me some new things to try.  

For myself, and all of you, we need to train our mind on a single goal.  It should be obtainable. But a goal non the less.  On Training Thursday’s I am going to challenge myself and you to so something that will help us market our creations.  This week – LIST 5 NEW ITEMS in your shops, your fan page or website.  These can be little items, big items, or even older items that you need to re-list (but create a new listing – don’t just push RE-LIST).  The goal is to have 5 NEW listings by next Thursday.  For myself I am going to set this goal at 10 ITEMS, only because I have many things it can list…. I have to just TRAIN myself to do it! 

That is the main objective.  If we TRAIN ourselves to list and item a day, or blog each weekday or even twitter 10 times a day, then we will.  It just takes time, TRAINING and motivation….. 

I found this wonderful 3rd generation artist, Prankearts that really fits with today’s message.   “LOOKING IN LOOKING OUT?” makes me wonder, am I looking in or out at my studio, my creations and my marketing?

Please check Prankearts (Richard) out on his web page as well – Richardt Pranke and you can read more about him and enjoy his art – I sure did!!

Remember, your goal for this weeks TRAINING is 5 NEW LISTINGS ( 10 FOR ME).  Please check in next week to see if I made it or not.  I would love to have to leave a comment making a commitment to the goal (or one of your own for this week) and come back and let us all know if you made it!  
Enjoy your day!!!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. Valerie's Creative Studio

    You must have read my mind,I have great intentions when I begin,as time goes by I seem less interested in my project(a bit lazy I think)Yes I will try in future!Thank’s for the nudge in the right direction.

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    I’ll get you on the right track if you will keep me straight too! :~) ~KM