Trusted Thursday

Although I missed my Wednesday post yesterday I will try to make up for it with today’s!!  Kristen’s Custom Creations.  Not only do follow this wonderful artist on Twitter, her blog and also on her FaceBook Fan Page, I have also purchased a custom hand stamped piece from her….it is so wonderfully made.  I have put it on my key chain and get to look at it every day!  Mine states “Life gets in the way”….I am not sure where I heard that at first, but it has become my motto over the last few years!!!  

So please visit her shop, twitter, fan page, or even her blog.  Make sure you enjoy her creations and mark her as a favorite!!!  

Thanks and enjoy your Trusted Thursday!  ~KM

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5 Responses

  1. PaperOnParade

    How cute! Whoever gets this present should know they are truly loved:)….more than chocolate!!!

  2. Kristen Andrews

    thank you so much for the feature, I am honored!!!

  3. Erica | Uprinting

    This is really a great gift, the person who’ll receive this will feel very special.

  4. Mrs SudsMuffin

    My V-Day card to my hubby said “I love you more than peanut butter”

  5. Krafty Max Originals

    Now see, it is truly love when you love someone more than chocolate or peanut butter…but both…oh my!!!