Trusted Thursday

This TRUSTED THURSDAY I am very proud to show off a friend of mine’s artwork.  Although she often puts out there that she is disabled (she has cerebral palsy) I have told her over and over that her artwork will speak for itself.  When I see some of the photos she take, paintings she paints and mixed media she works in…..I am totally amazed.  Win is a very talented artist and ‘trust’ me, her work is very unique and beautiful.  

I ordered these cards with her artwork on them and I have to say…..beautiful!  I have already sent out several of them and almost everyone has sent me a note about how beautiful they are.  I have also done a custom design for her based on her artwork….please check out all her sites and let her know what you think….I love it!!
Enjoy your Trusted Thursday and remember, 
TRUST yourself first!  ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    Very nice! I know the healing power of arts and crafts. I think children should be inspired to let their arts flow in case they may need to fall back on it later…I never knew I would rely so much on my crochet when I was young and healthy!