Tuesday News-Day

Do you have any NEWS today?  
For many of you that watch this blog, my fan page and my twitter account you know that I SHOUT IT OUT when I have some NEWS.  Either it is a sale, a new item or even a new blog post, I will spread the word to everyone on all my social networks.  There are a very few (if any) of your customers that will actively seek out your site on their own without any prompting.  Most customers need reminders that you are still around and making new items.  No matter what you make, design or create there has to be something you can SHOUT about at least once a week.  If you can SHOUT IT OUT daily, then you are even more on the ball.  I am not saying that you have to list new items each day/week, but you can talk about what you are doing, update on a project or even boast about a sale.

SurrenderDorothy really has a great little guy to show us how easy it is to just SHOUT IT OUT so that all your customers, friends and family know what is new in your creative world.

Please visit SurrenderDorothy studio and see how Ms. Veronica climbs through attics and scourers through boxes to find her unique items…. then she visit her Flickr Studio and see even more of her items – herroyalmajesty.

Enjoy your day and remember to SHOUT OUT what you are doing today!  ~KM
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