Tuesday News-Day

With many of us working from home or on the side, it is easy to see where being personal could really be easy.  I have been designing and creating as Krafty Max Originals for over 5 years.  What started out as a hobby grew has became a responsibility (that I love).  For me, personally, I don’t get much face to face interaction other than my few close friends and family.  The internet has become a wonderful place for me to ‘talk to my friends’ and develop relationships with other crafters.  However, I am very careful to not put TOOO much personal information out there.  As many people say, you just never know who is watching.  

When I do get personal I make is as UP beat as possible.  Of course, not everyone has a wonderful life, everyday, but even on the BAD days you can still be happy.  Customers, friends and even sometimes your family will realize that you are HUMAN, however there is a fine line when it comes to Customers about always being DOWN.   Most people have more than enough DRAMA or HEARTACHE in their own life’s, they don’t really want/need to hear about yours everyday!

Woman with a torch has the right idea with this beautiful THE EVENING NEWS pin.  Many of us watch the evening news and think…..can’t there be GOOD stories on tonight?  It just ‘breaks my heart’ to watch all the BAD that is in the Local and National news every day….. don’t become like the News broadcast…. pick up your customers and fans a beat by being UP beat.  

You can check out womanwithatorch even more by reading her bio on her ArtFire site or by #LINKLOVE’n her Fan Page.  I found out some wonderful things about Ms. Janice, you may too.  

Remember, keep it UP beat and light, Happy and Friendly, but also REMEMBER why are you out there MARKETING yourself!  Enjoy your Tuesday NEWS-DAY.  ~KM
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