Twisted Tuesday’s

This really is a TWISTED TEUSDAY!! I will be updateing a bit,
so please ENJOY!! -KM

Thank you to Sandra Vaughan. She won this watch – just for being a Facebook Fan!! (you can win next month if you become a fan)

I also would like to announce my Newsletter Winner, Amelia Petre. She has won a $20.00 certificate to anything in my store….I bet I know what she’ll get!!! Can anyone say ‘NUTS”??

Make sure to sign up for the next newsletter ( and you too maybe able to win…prize will be announced in the newsletter!!! -have to be a subscriber to win!

And as one last note, I want to thank SilverGirl. She won a past contest for a Krafty Max Original rosary. She posted some wonderful comments on her blog, you can see it here….

And as one last note, check out my current giveaway “the Giveaway Cubed Event” on the Eclectic Element….you can still win, only the first stage has been awarded!!!

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