Twisted Tuesday’s

Now that I am starting to feel a little bit better I can actually enjoy the day.  I hope to get more work done, and do a photo shoot so that I can list more items tomorrow.  Plus there is the laundry…why is that a never ending thing – especially if you have kids?  
Anyway, I thought I would show off my journal as well as one for the ‘Twisted Tuesday’ theme.  These come from the shop of Kreativlink, and boy is she talented.  I originally bought this journal for a ‘craft’ journal, but I discovered I loved writing in it, so it became a personal journal!  Following this great lady and artist on Twitter I have also gotten to know her a little beyond her work and all I can say is she is a kindred spirit.  She lent me her ‘sales’ fairy (which netted 9 sales) when I was down and loves snickers bars…need I say more? 
Please visit her shop and see what she has.  I can personally vouch for the quality and beauty of her work along with her great artistic eye.  Hurry though, her journals are so popular that she can hardly keep them in stock!  
Enjoy your Twisted Tuesday and remember, all crafter’s and artist are a little bit twisted, aren’t we??  ~KM

This one is MINE!!!
This one is for sale!
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  1. Kreativlink

    Oh dear! Now you made me blush again! Thanks for the lovely feature! 🙂