Twisted Tuesday’s

Twisted Tuesday – after a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday – Oh boy!!!  Well, today I have a ‘mini’ show as one of my Assisted Living Homes.  Then I have Girl Scouts and in between there I have to run errands, so I will be really twisted today!!!!  

But, I took a moment to look through the MANY twisted artists on Etsy and found this wonderful photo in Manta Wave’s Shop.  I just love it!  I remember trees like this along the coast of Northern California….oh, memories.   Please check out this photo and the other great things in this shop and remember, commenting, clicking and purchasing is the greatest form of flattery!!! 

Thanks and enjoy!!!  ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    What an interesting and classy shop that guy has. I love his work, very high quality.

    thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!