Twisted Tuesday’s

For me, this really is a Twisted Tuesday.  My life seems to be a bit twisted this week.  I have just little issues that seem to mix things up – like what day I do laundry on!  

So, with all that being said I have ‘browsing’ around Etsy and I found several artist that I will feature this week.  iWunder is just one of them.  I just love the colors in this beautiful scarf.  Talk about fall…this is just about everything I think of; cool/cold weather, turning leaves, and warmth from a wonderful scarf.  Please check out the iWunder shop and let them know what you think.  

Enjoy your Twisted Tuesday and don’t let life get you to ‘twisted’ today!  ~KM
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5 Responses

  1. nikid

    I own a few iWunder products and I love them all! Nice feature!

  2. OpheliasApothecary

    i love iwunder’s shop…so cozy…i love love love soft cowls and scarves!


    I love iwunder’s selection and designs and love shopping there too!

  4. Kara Lennox

    iWunder has some of the most gorgeous yarns I’ve ever seen!

  5. Doris Sturm

    Nice shop! I wonder what she does to be selling so much? I guess I’ll never discover the secret to success on Etsy.