Valentines Sale, New for today, Wolf from Wildlife Plastics, and Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month!!

Good Morning!! WOW, it is WEDNESDAY already? This weeks seems to be going so quickly!! Today I have a few things to share with everyone…Firstly, I will be doing a sale for Valentine’s Day!! I will be showing you the NEW listing that I have, where I will be picking up today with the Wolf Creation, and the Peyote bracelet kit of the month!!

First off, I would like to begin today with the sale I will be having. Are you READY FOR VALENTINES DAY? Here is a way that you can grab up a gift for yourself or a loved one!! Just use code- VAL2019 and you’ll save 35% on Krafty Max Originals!!

Now that I have showed you about the sale, let’s move on to where I am starting the day off with the Wolf from Wildlife Plastics 😉 Yesterday I was able to finish enclosing the wolf inside of the bezel and put the hanger on. Today I am starting off with a simple herringbone strap and should be able to finish this beautiful Wolf by the end of the day!! Remember, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Who doesn’t love Purple? Well today this Purple with a Star Essential Oils Cage Set is sure to grab your attention!! It is made with beautiful Purple Gemstones and Swarovski Crystals and matched with an Essential Oil Star-inside the cage is a stone in which you can soak with your choice of oils!! Just click on the link to find out more about this lovely and exciting set!! 😉

It’s Here!! FEB’s Kit!! Bright and Beautiful Bold Flowers!! The Kit will include everything you need…needle, pattern, beads, ends and all findings…to complete this bracelet!! On sale from now until 2/10/19 and will ship by 2/18/19. Remember, this pattern will ONLY be sold with this kit and will NOT be sold any other way! Some may wonder why the 2 different kits- A is the basic where you will get everything mentioned above and B is a kit that is the same as A, only difference is that it comes with a spool of 50 yards of Fireline. If you click on the link it will take you to kit A, if you want kit B, there is a link for Kit B if you scroll down in the description area 🙂

I had quite a bit to share with you today- but I will have even more to share tomorrow!! I will be finishing up the Wolf Creation today which means I’ll be starting something new tomorrow 😉

Today’s special quote of the day is…”We do not need to teach creativity, but rather inspire its daily practice.”-Diane Darrow, educator

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