Wacky Wednesday 12/18/13 (Aye, Lisa WIngate and Prima Blog Bead Team)

Yesterday was my daughters birthday!  And oh boy, did we have fun!!  The morning was spend beading and enjoying my time in the quiet house!  But, when it was time for gifts and cake….well, she did turn 14!!!  (Isn’t it funny how saying their age explains everything?)
Yes, her real name is Ashley.  We have called her Aye for about 8 years (it was my son’s first word…we thought he was saying “I”, but he was calling for his sister!)
Purple roses from Dad!
A beautiful necklace set from Brother (no, not one of mine) 
A Leather Jacket from mom and dad (on the wish list for a long time)
A Purple ‘Fluffy’ Pillow from Grandma K.
And much more!  Let me tell you, this girl is well loved!!  We even had several of her friends stop by throughout the afternoon and drop off gifts!!  She may not realize it yet – because of her age – but she leaves a mark on everyone she meets!!  She and I have a wonderful relationship and I am so very proud of her!!
I am still working on this Brown Tiger-eye beadwoven necklace….you can come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch it grow !! 
I am very happy to show off another Prima Beads Blog Team New Years creation. 
This one is fun and ‘flirty’ and could be worn throughout the year with just about any outfit (and just look at the price with the sale).  
And just in case you missed it, I did list two new patterns for you in my studio over the last few days…. several copies have already sold!!  Get yours now (they are on sale too)!
Have you entered yet??  You could win this beautiful necklace set!!  But, there is only a little over a day left!! So, hurry!!
Anyone of you that follow me know that I just love Lisa Wingate!  I am one of the VERY lucky people that get to review her new books (and I usually give one away too)!!  This was her last book (amazing like always) and recently I was lucky enough to also be able to enter a drawing for a creation from Sandy’s Seashell Shop (you have to read the book to understand).  I was drawn!!  WHOOO HOOOOOO I was doing the happy dance when I opened the package that held this great little bottle and earrings!!  BEAUTIFUL!!  Please – if you haven’t already – read some of her books.  You will be inspired and touched be then all!  (P.S. The 3rd book will be out early next year!!)
Today, I would like to leave you with this thought;
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong metal attitude.  ~Thomas Jefferson
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