Wacky Wednesday 1/9/13

So, it is a WACKY day, hu?  I can go with that!!!!  YEP, that is just about my whole life… WACKY!!  Yesterday I was able to get a couple (only about 4) new items listed in my DESTASH studio, but it was nice to get started!  I have SOOOO much to list there that it drives me crazy to not have them listed, but it is NOT a simple process!!  There is organizing, arranging, photographing, editing, listing… and THAT is only if things go right!!  So, it keeps getting put off, and off, and off… now I am trying to get it done, but as many of you know, LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!  
For those of you who want to watch/look at my DESTASH studio, here it is….
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So, here is my current project – and it is turning out very nicely!!  I will be starting the strap today – I think I’ll try something just a little different on this one!  Remember you can keep watching my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch this one grow and develop.
Today’s featured artist is: WillowTreeMinerals.  This artist’s story is just amazing!  Because of lifelong health problems she was unable to use make-up and personal care products – even those marked ‘natural’ or ‘mineral’ – because they still contained chemicals and toxins.  So, she designed her own products that are made with ONLY natural ingredients.  Now, with the whole family testing and using her products it is easy to see that these would be great to use.  AND, they are beautiful!!  Just look at the rich color and ‘Decadence‘ look of these Lip Shimmers!!  Check out this great studio and remember to support handmade artists whenever you can.
Cinnamon & Peaches - All Natural Mineral Lip Shimmer
And now, to leave you with this thought;
This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more they give, the more they possess.
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