Wacky Wednesday 3/20/13

Today is really a WACKY day! I have been working on a couple of new projects and for some reason they seem to be going CRAZY on me!!  I am not sure what/why I am unable to make my hands do what I want them to lately, but maybe, just maybe, I need a break.  I don’t really mean a break from beading, just from all the ‘extra stuff’ of life!  I have been so ‘on’ for so long!  I am thinking of taking a couple of days and ‘running away’ for a few hours.  I don’t just mean to get my nails done, I mean to the middle of the woods to sit and just ‘be’ for a while.  Do you ever feel this need? It is almost like needing to ‘recharge’ yourself!  So, next week is spring break for the kids and I might just take some time off.  Just go somewhere and BE for a bit….do you ever do that???
It is strange, but sometimes I forget to list my ‘stranded’ items!  I spend so much time showing off my beadweaving that I forget about all the OTHER creations I do!  So, here is a new one….this is so pretty!  It is simple and perfect for just about every outfit!  Do you like it??
Today is the last day of the auction.  So far there are NO bids, so if you want a copy, simply go and leave your bid – you can either go here – auction-of-autographed-copy-of-beadwork or here – Facebook events to bid.
Here is my current project, it is a custom order!  Just look at the way the bees POP on the blue beads….these bead/button bracelets are so fun to make.  They are made with free-form peyote, meaning that I don’t have a pattern to follow.  I really like making them!! Do you like them???  Remember, you can watch it ‘grow’ on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
There is only a couple of days left and remember, there are daily entries too…..  You can click here to go enter to win this new book!!
Today’s featured artist is; knobcreekmetalarts. Although there isn’t much on this artist’s bio page, I can tell that there is a LOT of talent and love that goes into each creation.  I saw this one and just laughed!! I love it!! There are so many great items in this studio to look at – I am sure you will find something that fits into your life!  Remember, support handmade artist, we create because we love to!!
Chainsaw Attack Bookend
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Don’t expect your love along to make a neat person out of a messy one.
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2 Responses

  1. Tammy Jordan

    Thanks so much for featuring our bookends. We really appreciate it.

    Your items are amazing!!!

    Knob Creek Metal Arts

    • Krafty Max

      And thank you right back!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it!! ~KM