Wacky Wednesday 6/5/13

What a busy day I had yesterday!  I not only did a bunch to beading, but also was able to do a mini photo shoot and even some laundry!!  Yep, busy!!  But, it was a very gratifying day!!  Today, MORE of the same!!  I just love days when everything comes together and works…it doesn’t help much, but when it happens… wonderful!

Here are BOTH of the new listings I have from yesterday!!  They are both fun, colorful and full of personality!!

And here are the ‘making of’ videos of each if you’d like to see them!!
And here it is….. the bracelet I am working on!! I can’t believe that no one has guessed what it will be yet!!  Many times I only have to ‘show the colors’ for someone to guess the entire design!! I love that I have ‘stumped’ you all this time!! Remember to my Fan Page or Google+ page to watch this creation grow throughout the day!!


Thank you so much to Elite Mamas Blog for doing this amazing review and give-a-way for me.  It also has the ‘making’ video for the beautiful bracelet I made for her – it is something to watch!  So please, go read the review and see what she thought of her bracelet and enter this give-a-way.  (click on either photo to get to the post).
Give-A-Way prize!!
Today’s featured artist is janice10art.  This amazing artist has been painting for over 30 years!  When you look close you can see the attention that are in each of her beautiful paintings.  I know that for many of us having just one or two pieces of original artwork is such an honor.  This artist creates with oils and shares with us the joy and love she sees around her!  Remember, to always support handmade artists if you can.
First Light By Janice Baker
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Seek respect rather than popularity.
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