Wacky Wednesday 7/10/13

OH my goodness, what a week it has been already!! My posts have been full of fun, info and lots of beads!!! On one hand I can’t believe it is Wednesday and on the other hand I feel like – is is Wednesday ALREADY??  I have so much to still show you and tell you about, so… I guess it is time to get to it!?!?!
First, let me show off these wonderful tools that Prima Beads sent me in my welcome package.  They was several items in the great ‘zip around’ storage… There were 3 different tools, a bead reamer, bead sizer and a jump ring ‘ring’.  I show them all to you!!
Here are the tools ‘close up’!
Now, I have used the jump ring ‘ring’ for years!!  I love them, but, the timing couldn’t have been better, because mine was so well used that I needed a new one!! 
And although I have used many different types/brands of tools over the 35+ years I have been beading, it is the first time I have tried anything like these!  
And although I have used many different types/brands of tools over the 35+ years I have been beading, it is the first time I have tried anything like these!  
They fit into my hand very nicely, as you can see.  It took me a little bit to get the fit right (I tried them the other way first) :).
 But, once I figured it out I was very surprised at how they felt.  I have to say, they are very comfortable to use.  
I would recommend this wonderful set to anyone at any skill level.  The set is wonderful for a beginner – because there is just about everything you need in it and to a advanced beader because of the comfort and ease of use they provide.  Someone with difficulties – like arthritis or swelling in their hands – would find these perfect for them to continue to bead!
So, who watched this one grow into a full creation??  Did you watch from the start??  If you missed it, there is a video…yep, and here it is!!!
And here is the listing…. do you like the end result??  Please let me know!!?!?
So, a new listing means what??  A new project, right?? Here are the NEW colors…. ooohhh, aauuhhh, fall colors!! Remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day!!
And remember, it is VERY simple to enter to win this Prima Beads Class in a Box Give-A-Way.  Simply click on the photo and you’ll go to the post where you can enter… there are daily entries too!!
So, yesterday I told you about Monster’s fish tank….well, today I get to tell you about him!!  Yes, he has some special problems, but he is still my little boy!  He has grown up so much in the last few weeks!!  I have to say that one thing I have found very comforting is that no matter how many problems he has, no matter what meds we try/use, no matter what happens in the moment or day, and no matter how flustered we both get….. he is always good hearted, happy and fullllll of love!
When I say that he has grown up, well….
……maybe a little much over night?!?!  🙂  Yes, that is a fake ‘fur’ mustache!!  His sister and her best friend is in love with the ‘mustache’ craze and when I found these fake ‘fur’ one’s in the local store I just had to get for the girls….but then, Monster had to try one too!!  And yes, he is a BOY in that he just LOVES guns, soldiers and anything to do with the dirt!! 
So even though the mustache is fake, the growing up isn’t and I have to say – just one more time – I am so very proud of him!!! 
Today I would like to leave you with this thought:

The minute you begin to do what you want to do, it’s a different kind of life!
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  1. Christy Garrett

    Looks like a great tool to use for making jewelry, thank you for sharing.