Wacky Wednesday 7/3/13

I think that the cheerleader for today is perfect…I feel like cheering myself!!  I finished….. I finished….. I finished!!!  Yep, I sure did!!  I know, I am bragging – but, I feel like I have earned it!! Yesterday I posted the last photo of my large creation I am working on.  Today I get to work on the finish work, and then…… we’ll see….
Here it is, all the panels are done!!  You can still watch the finish work on my Fan Page or Google+ page to watch this creation grow and see the story that goes with it,  throughout the day!!
Here is a new listing for today.  This is FULL of color!!  Just look at that RAINBOW!! 
 Only a few hours left….come on over and enter, it is very easy!! 
Today’s featured artist is: SpanosStudio.  This amazing artist not only shows ‘movement’ in her paintings, but ’emotion’ too!  I just love this one, it looks to me as if the goat will really start begging at any moment!  I love her use of colors and light.  When you go read her BIO page you’ll understand her connection to the sun and lights!!  I think she does a simply amazing job getting the ‘feel’ of the moment down for us to share!  Please remember to always support handmade artists….we create from our heart and sole!!
Original painting of a begging goat by Lesley Spanos
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Even when the day looks gray, remember that it’s always sunny above the clouds.
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