Waggin Wednesday

This Wednesday I would like to ‘wag’ Artbeads tail!!  
For the past 6 months or so they have allowed me to participate in a blog program.  They choose a category and then allow me to sample some of the beads from that category in order to review them.  I have loved working with Artbeads, however, this past time I have had a hard time with the beads that I choose….not because of the beads, because I seem to be unable to come up with a design I liked.  I have started, torn out, started again, torn out again, started again, torn out again…. about 6 times and I am just unable to make my work match the quality of the beads.  I did, however also order a Swarovski Color Wheel at the same time.  
THIS item has been a wonderful addition to my tools.  It cleverly gives you the main, matching and also a harmonious color of crystals and pearls that will all work well together.  I have found that this has helped me in several designs.  Also, on the back of the wheel is a color code for Swarovski Crystals.  This is wonderful because some company’s do not use the same name or color as Swarovski originally gives them (Artbeads does) and when a customer tells me a number or name I can match them up.

Below is a photo of all the wonderful beads I received, as well as, the Swarovski Color Wheel….if you a beginner or advanced beaded, I would HIGHLY recommend this tool!  
Enjoy your Waggin Wednesday and don’t forget to 
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