Waggin Wednesday

This Waggin Wednesday I find myself very thankful that it is already 1/2 way through the week!  It has been a trying time already.  My computer and cell phone seem to ‘hate’ me lately and I have not had great luck with motivation this week either! 
So, as I went looking for an  Artist to feature I was very happy when I ran across Creatiff’s Corner.  She has just started her shop (this month) and doesn’t even have it  ‘full’ yet, but if these are a sample of the little cuties that she makes….she will do great!  This little Schnauzer is just an inch tall and has all the personality he can offer!!!  

Please remember to support our fellow Etsians and make sure you heart, convo and maybe even purchase this little guy for yourself….thanks!!!

Enjoy your Waggin Wednesday – I know I will!!!  ~KM
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