Waggin Wednesday’s

If any of you don’t know, I have a pure bread, 3 year old, Rat Terrier.  He was adopted from a Safe Shelter (at a craft show, no less) about a year ago.  When we first got him he was very thin (the Shelter survived on donations – and they were way down) and very timid.  He had obviously been abused by his former owner.  He was already named Ziggy by the shelter, so we kept the name.  He took to me instantly and I still am the ‘Alpha Dog’ to him!  My hubby always tells me that Ziggy is the only one in the 
house that will listens to me!!??!?!  LOL. 

So, when I did a search this morning for my Waggin Wednesday’s post, I found this wonderful shop… Rebel Wag and boy what a shop is it!  I just love all the outfits and dogs that are listed.  They are reversible and look to be very professionally made.  Although Ziggy already has many outfits, one of these man just find it’s way to our house!!!  Please check it out and let them know what you think… enjoy.  ~KM
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