Waggin Wednesday’s

Ok, today I am a little bit late with my post, between the computer and internet fighting with me, I broke my cell phone yesterday too!  Now, I have this new phone (an iPhone) that has TONS of features and options – more than likely TOOOO many for me, but it has taken over my time this morning.  I keep coming out from beading to play with my new APS?!?!?!  ***step away from the iPhone and the computer*** 

Saying all that, I must tell you all that when I went looking for a feature for today’s Waggin Wednesday post I found this terrific shop.  Many of you know that we have a rescue dog that we just love and spoil, well, this maybe to good of a shop to pass over!  They offer plans up to annually for your doggy to receive treats!  oh ya! All the treats from this shop are Fresh and Organically hand made – they look good enough for me to taste!!  Please go and check out Unique Treat Dog Bones (paw licking good) Shop and let them know what you think.  Remember, heart, convo and purchases are the best form of flattery!!!

Enjoy your Waggin Wednesday and I’ll check in tomorrow!!  ~KM
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  1. Unique Garden

    Thank you for featuring my Unique Treat Dog Bones shop! This is my first visit to your blog, but with all the great days of the week features, it certainly won’t be my last! I read back quite a ways and found some great shops to visit! Thanks for sharing your finds and thanks again for finding one of my shops!

    Unique Garden Essences