Washing Wednesday’s

Now, this Washing Wednesday is not for you!!  Grab  your little pup and let him/her read this post!  I found this little shop, My Pooper Scooper while browsing through Etsy and I just HAD to show them off!  These little Monkey Clean Conditioning Dog Shampoo come in several ‘flavors’!!! My little Ziggy would just love to be washed in Pomegranate Citrus Splash, and I would enjoy the wash a little more too!  The shampoo is made from Betaine which is derived from Coconut Oil and helps prevent static!  

Wonderful!!  Please check out this wonderful shop and let them know what you think!  

Enjoy your Wednesday and ‘washing’ whatever you end up washing today!  ~KM

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  1. The Artist

    Thank you so much for featuring our shop,it is a pleasure!!