Washing Wednesday’s

Well, the good news is that I am MUCH better.  The bad news is that today is the day I have to catch up with all my laundry and housework.  I have been putting things off – because of being sick – for way to long.  Now, time to get down to the ‘yucky everyday stuff’.  

I found this wonderful artist while I was wondering around Etsy and I must say, she has the right idea about how to do the washing!  In the description for Washing day by Schmooks, it says…..

“Lucy does her washing on Wednesdays. Sometimes teddy helps, but she really doesn’t need it – she’s a big girl now.”

Boy, if life were only this simple!  Please visit Schmooks shop to look at even more wonderful artwork. Well, happy Washing Wednesday to you and Enjoy this day…it will be a great one!  ~KM

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  1. TheEclecticElement

    I totally understand-When you get sick, things pile up and when you finally come back it’s like, ‘Aw, crap.’ Lol

    Good luck!