Washing Wednesday’s

Oh, Washing Wednesday, why do you have to be today??  I have so much laundry to do and so little willingness to do it!!!  ha-ha-ha.  I usually try to get my laundry done before Wednesday, but I have been very busy and lazy (yes, both) this week.  So, today is the day.  Or else there will be Krafty ‘streakers’ around Florida tomorrow!!!  LOL

After looking around Etsy (for way to long) I found this really great product.  The simpler the better, right?  Well, this has only 4 ingredients and looks to be a great way to wash your cloth diapers.  Please check out Dr. Erickson’s Diaper Detergent.  Featured here is the 32 oz. size, however, it does come in smaller sizes.  There are a few mild scents, and also an unscented version.  Where was all these wonderful products when I was a new mother???  

Please check out Dr. Erickson’s shop and leave a comment or two and let them know what you think!  And, ENJOY your Washing Wednesday, even if you have to do the laundry!  ~KM
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