Weekend Re-Post 11/18/12

Originally posted at Monday, April 26, 2010

Mimic Monday

What a weekend it was!!!  On Friday I didn’t do my regular post (sorry), because I was so very busy!!  I first got up and went to a Bead Show – wowowowowow!  Here are the things I picked up…
….oh boy, my mind is going crazy with all the designs!!!  

Then lunch with Hubby and set-up for a Show on Saturday.  Saturday it was all about the show!  It was a nice ‘steady’ stream of customers and lookers.  I did much better than I expected!  The weather was just about perfect, the company (my friends, Pandula Arts, Aprons by MeMe and my daughter Aye) were great to have there.  The only BIG drawback……the dirt!  Boy was it dusty and dirty!  EVERYTHING needed to be washed down – including us! 

Sunday was a day of visiting, family and custom orders!

Today I am off again for the morning, but I will be back – I have so many things to do and catch up on – orders to prepare and class to get ready for!  But I wanted to make sure that I got a post out today….I have just found this wonderful artist through Facebook and Etsy.  I can’t believe the ‘beauty’ of these purses.  They are hand woven and if you look at the photos you can see the attention to detail that has been taken.  Even the straps are stitched for beauty and strength……I want one….*hint *hint *hint! 

Please check out this wonderful arts and let her know what you think – remember, favorite, convo and purchase if you can to support all these wonderful hand crafted items and artist!  
Thank you and enjoy your Mimic Monday!  ~KM
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