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Originally posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tantrum Thursday

Today’s Tanrtum – Movie Ratings!
As many of you know I have young kids, may not so young now, but still!  I have a 6 year old boy, Monster, who is in-love with guns and swards.  He is also very emotional when it come to people.  We have limited – VERY – limited his exposure to violence, blood and gore.  Then there is my 11 year old daughter, Aye.  She is on the verge of becoming a teenager and yet she is still so much a kid.  
When we do go to the movies we try to find something appropriate for the whole family.  I am so shocked at how the ratings have changed.  When I was a kid PG meant basically there was NOTHING in there.  NO language, no blood, no violence, basically nothing offensive.  These days PG means something totally different!  
We went over the summer, just hubby and I, to a movie called Cowboys & Aliens over the summer.  I LOVED the movie, but then when I looked at my ticket it was marked PG-13.  Now let me tell you what this movie had in it:
BLOOD – lots of blood
Scary Aliens – like the ALIEN type of Aliens
More Blood 
and More Cussing
Now let me say, again, I LOVED the movie, BUT…. for my kids, NO WAY!  I realise that this is rated PG-13, but still!  For me I would say that this was a R or R+ movie.  
The new rating scale has changed so much.  When I was a kid there was not even any ‘adult’ sitcoms on before 8pm.  Now shows are on at 6pm that I do NOT want me kids to watch!  For us it is DISNEY channel and DVD’s most evenings.  
And please do NOT ask me to talk about the level of cussing, nudity and blood on the TV now.  What happened to ‘responsible’ Movies and TV Show?
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Remember today to tell those around you that you love them… there is only TODAY! ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. Karen @BakingInATornado

    Although I do get what you’re saying about the amount of violence, language, etc we want to keep our kids from seeing, I also have to say that unless you plan to keep your kids in a bubble, the sad reality is that they’ll be exposed. I think we need to expose them ourselves, at a rate their maturity can handle, with our own dialogue involved. That way when they see or hear it from others they’re not shocked and they know how we feel about it and why. It’s a difficult issue you’re grappling with.

    • Krafty Max

      yes, it is a fine line! I do expose them to some, and if it is something I am not sure about, we talk about it. However, when I go to a kids movie I expect KIDS previews… if it scares me, what did it do to the kids… I didn’t pay for a scary movie, I paid for a kids movie! Oh well, we will handle EACH and EVERY situation as it happens. Thank you for your comment!!