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  Fabulous Friday

It is truly Friday, and a FABULOUS one at that! I am currently the featured artist on the Beautiful Art and Artwork blog.  I would like to run the interview here as well, let’s see if there is any new about me you didn’t know?!?!  

Repost from Beautiful Art and Artwork Blog entry 2/4/11

Q. Why did you choose that name for your art/craft?
A.  I have been called Max since I was about 6 years old (even by my parents).  So when it was time to choose a name I thought of my last name (that usually no one can pronounce) ‘Koziolek’ and thought that a play with ‘crafty’ would make my name memorable.  With my husband’s help and approval, Krafty Max Originals was born!

Q. Why did you start selling your art/craft?
A.  I am a lifetime beader.  I started beading and doing beaded macramé with my mom at about age 4!  My mother has photos of me giving away friendship bracelets in Kindergarten.  Although I love to crochet, knit, scrapbook and cross stitching, but I have always come back to beads.  When my son was born about 6 years ago my hubby and I decided that I would stay home and take care of him.  I quickly found out that I was not a ‘sit at home’ type of person.  The beads and creations just started flowing and Krafty Max Originals was started.   And now, over 35 years after I started I am still doing something I love!

Q. What is your most favorite piece of art/craft you have ever made?
A.  That is a really hard one.  All my creations are one of a Kind, so to pick just one… I guess it would be my copper bracelet.


Q. Name one thing you love about your art/craft.
A. The peace of it.  When I need to relax or take a step back I bead.  One of the things I always tell people is that I have patience for my beads, but not my kids!!

Q. Name one thing you are not quite fond of about your art/craft.
A.  The time.  I love the time it takes, but I am always hoping that I can move faster, create more and design the next thing!

Q. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?
A.  My first inspiration comes from my Mother.  She taught me to bead and to be creative.  Over the years she has continued to support and inspire me.

Q. What inspires your art/craft?
A. Everything!  Often it is the colors of nature that are my color inspiration.  But as a whole, just about anything can inspire me!

Q. Is there anyone special that you would like to that has make a BIG impact on your life?
A. As I said, my mother is my first inspiration, so my father has to be my second.  Although he was a teacher by profession I still know him mostly for his work with his hands.  He has always created things from wood, metal and earth.  Even now he creates and builds things.  My parents purchased Gilmore Looms many years ago and they create and inspire others every day!

 Q. What’s one random fact about you?
A.  I served 3.5 years in the Navy! I was stationed at Roosevelt Roads, Porto Rico!!!

Q. Is there anyone special that you would like to mention that has made a BIG impact on your life?
A. My husband.  He makes my passion possible with his love and support!

Q. Where else can we find you?


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