Weekend Re-Post 3/16/2013

Originally posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Terrific Tuesday
Today’s post is very late!  Between the fight last night and the fight this morning my computer is very lucky to be alive!!  I have actually tried to blow it up a couple of times over the past 12 hours!  YES, it is dying…. I may have to get another one soon….
But the good news is that I did get it back to working… kind of…. and that I have done 2 more tubes for my Sunset necklace I was showing you yesterday.  Here is what all 4 look like together, so far!
Very nice, if I do say so my self!  I am not sure if I’ll get more done today, the computer still needs LOTS of help!
Here is my new listing for today.  I just LOVE the way this one came out.  I guess I am having a thing for Black and Orange lately!!
Here are two collections that I have been featured in.   Thank you JEMSStones and  campbellcreations8 for including me in these great collections!
Between the computer problems – and the JEEP problems (that is to talk about another day) I am not going to do any hops or featured artist today.  I would like to go back- just one more time – to the one word closing, because I think it is VERY appropriate – 
Survive!!  ~KM
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