Weekend Re-Post 4/20/13

Originally Posted on Tuesday, June 1, 2010
  Traditional Tuesday 
I hope that everyone had a relaxing and productive weekend.  For those of us in the US we had a holiday to celebrate our current, past and fallen service members.  My family, as many of you know is FULL of active and past military members.  My oldest son (Army), my hubby (Army and Florida Nation Guard), my dad (Navy), my dad-in-law (Navy), my grandpa’s (Navy and Army), hubby’s grandpas (Navy), my grandma (Navy), myself (Navy) and the list goes ON and ON and ON!! We are very PROUD of our military heritage and are often called upon to give in site to new military members and families about the ‘military’ way of life. 

Yesterday we celebrated in our own quiet way and remembered many of our loved ones.

Today, however, it is back to ‘life’.  My Traditional Tuesday post is truly ‘inspiring’!!!  I can think of no better way to start the week off than with something so traditional and also so very pretty!!!  This wonderful gentleman hand makes these beautiful toys along side his wife while she is felting!!!  Please check out Rjabinnik‘s studio and see for yourself.  Also, by reading his BIO you will gain even more respect for him and his work. 

Please enjoy your Traditional Tuesday, check out this wonderful artist (Rjabinnik) and don’t forget to ‘LIKE” his shop and add it to your ‘Market’ so you can find him later on!!!  ENJOY and be productive in the ‘traditional’ way!!! ~KM
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