Weekend Re-Post 4/6/13

Originally posted on Monday, March 4, 2013

Beadwork April/May 2013 ‘the challenge’ 

Once again I am speechless!  
Yes, I know that is hard to believe, but it is true.  
As with my last great surprise it all started with a trip to the mail box!  
I opened the box and there it sat….
Yes, this is the issue I have been talking about for some time!!!  I can now show it ALL to you!! 
It started out as an email entry into ‘the challenge’ email – I have been trying for about 2 years to get in – and a return email from them stating that I had finally made it!!  
Then, I was sent this stash;
and then, I added some more beads…
and then I went on VACATION!! Yep, on my trip to California to see my family I took a package of beads tucked in my bag – SURPRISE SURPRISE!  I was VERY protective of these beads, and they traveled with me in my carry-on.  Then when I got to my Mom and Dad’s house I set out to create something that I would be proud to see published.  So, here is what I did;
And then, I finished it, sent it off to Beadwork magazine and waited!! It was SO hard for me to wait!  I couldn’t show anyone my creation, show the stash that I was given, or anything!!  Talk about hard for a person who shows all her creations…one step at a time…to the whole world!?!  But, I waited – until yesterday’s mail!  And there, it was!!! 
This is the note I wrote to them with my creation (they edited it a bit, but here is the whole note);

 My favorite color is Purple, so when this beautiful kit came in the mail I was so very excited!! With several trips to my local bead stores, I finally found the perfect center for my creation.  I used mainly peyote and herringbone stitch, but there are a few other beadweaving stitches thrown in!  I just couldn’t help myself, so I added some more crystals, more bead types and some other elements to the design.  The end result….I think is very beautiful.  The best part of this challenge was that I could create it while I was on vacation at my mom and dad’s home.  My mother taught me to bead when I was just a young girl and now as and adult, it was wonderful for her to be able to see how I have developed my skill as a beader and to have her input on my design. 

And now, this beadwoven necklace set is for sale!!
I hope that you all enjoyed my creation, as much I do!
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