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Friday, August 12, 2011

  Fabulous Friday

Yesterday was my daughter’s orientation day at her new school!  She was so excited – to get a locker!!  Yes, that seems to be the ‘right of passage’ that incoming 6th grades look forward to!  She is in a class of advanced/gifted students that (including her) has only 3 girls!!  OH BOY!!  I think I’ll try to put off the worrying about ‘hormones’ until at least the 2nd week of school, I THINK!!  So, here she is – all ‘cleaned up’ to meet her new school, teachers and classmates!  She was so excited she couldn’t even stand still for a photo!!
I have started an online daily paper – the fun part is that it does all the work for me.  I put in the places I would like it to take information from and it does the rest each day!!  YA HOOO!  Here is yesterday’s!  I hope you’ll sign up and keep and eye out for it!  It features a BUNCH of great artist and crafters!
Ok, so I have done it again, I didn’t get a chance to take photos last night for a new listing!  BUT, I will tell you that YOU voted and here is the results – 
I’ll be doing this bracelet first
and then this one!!
I also have a CASIO one that I am just about finished with!!  YA HOOO! ~KM
Here is a fun collection I made with OWL’s!!
Today I want to feature sweetiecaketopper‘s studio.  The studio maybe in Bangkok, Thailand, but her work stretch all over the world!  These amazingly detailed creations are cake toppers, however, they also double as salt/pepper shakers and little novelty creations!  I found her while looking for owls for my collection above – and boy do she have some great one’s!! Please go check out all these great creations and make sure you tell her where you heard about her!

I’m doing HOPs today and over the weekend!!!!  YA HOOO! Here we go!!

Gratitude Friday Blog Hop

1. My Family
2. My WONDERFUL Friends
3. My Home
4. My Health
5. My beads (yep – they keep me sane)

6. The Beautiful World Around Me (my inspiration)

So, it is the weekend time! 
I would like you all to just HAVE FUN and enjoy the time with your family!!  ~KM

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