Weekend Re-Post 6/23/13

Originally posted on Monday, August 27, 2012
  Marvelous Monday 8/27/12
It was a great weekend!! I was able to finish LOTS of new creations, including my LOVE bracelet.  I didn’t, however, get a chance to do a photo shoot, so that will come later today.  But, I did start another beadwoven bracelet… here are the colors for this one…
I’ll start posting photos later today of my ‘working rows’ on this one, so watch my Fan Page or Google+ page to see them.  
I also was able to finish a couple of custom orders… ya hoooo!  I’ll have to wait until I get permission to post them, they are a surprise for the receiver.  I am so excited!!  
I also went to a bead show on Saturday with an old friend of mine and OH BOY, did I find some amazing things there!  I show those items off later this week!!
And if all that wasn’t enough, I also have decided to start selling my peyote charts!  I have been working all weekend of getting everything JUST RIGHT and ready to start selling them…. I’ll be listing them later this week in my DESTASH studio…so keep watching!
**** and just as a side note, I also will be starting a ‘give-a-way’ later this week too!!! ****
Thank you for including me in this amazing collection, Drunkenmimes.  Please go check it out and I am sure you’ll find something you like!!
Today’s featured artist is CraftLand.  Some of the amazing creations that this artist makes just blow my mind!!  There isn’t a bio page for this artist, but you can just see the talent and attention to detail in all the listings that there.  And remember, please always support handmade artists!
Classic Wood Box - Storage
A closing thought for the day;

For many people, an excuse is better than an achievement because an achievement, no matter how great, leaves you having to prove yourself again in the future but an excuse can last for life.
~ Eric Hoffer

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