Weekend Re-Post 6/29/13

Originally posted on Monday, April 4, 2011

Marvelous Monday

So, where do I start?  This is a Marvelous Monday, but the weekend….. well…… let me tell you about it!! First off, we had a wonderful Friday at the Jacksonville Zoo.  It was a ‘spur of the moment’ trip, but thankfully with our annual tickets we can just go!  We LOVE the zoo.  As many times as we have been there it is still fun!

On Saturday we spent the morning doing some light cleaning.  The kids were very helpful and we got the job done very quickly! The rest of the morning they spent out playing with their friends!  THEN… we went to the Clay County Fair.  The kids had a BLAST – just look at them!!

Then there are the MANY FACES of MONSTER!!

What a great time we had!  


And then…. oh the way home we had some trouble with my Jeep!  While driving I was able to get to the side of the road without any problems, but when the jeep was unloaded from the tow truck at the house….. here is what happened…

OH MY!  I am not sure if it looks worst than it is – or – if it is worst than it looks.  I hope that today when the mechanic comes here we will get GOOD news…… 

Then there is this – 

This bracelet was inspired by a little challenge between myself and CrossStitchCards. We have done a couple of these ‘color’ challenges. I have tried to do something a little bit out of my normal. I really do like it! 
What do you think???  


So, as the kids go back to school today and life gets – semi – back to normal I would love to show off the work of mamaslittlemonkeys.  She loves making beautiful crafts and her great kids!  Please go check out her other items in her studio!  They are wonderful!!!

As Marvelous Monday is always MARVELOUS, please remember to enjoy your day and make everything MARVELOUS round you!!! ~KM
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