Weekend Re-Post 6/30/13

Originally posted on Thursday, August 4, 2011

  Tantrum Thursday

Today’s tantrum is about TOYS!
Yes, toys – broken TOYS.  


When I was little I didn’t have many toys, but that was OK.  Most of my time was spent outside with the animals and tree forts (yes,I was a tomboy).  But the few toys I did have were WELL MADE and several were hand-me-downs.
Now in my Monster’s time there is a BIG difference.  Most of the time his toys are package better than the toy is made!  There have been so many toys that barely make it a day or two without SOMETHING breaking.  If some of these toys make it a month we are really lucky.  
I have invested in ‘super glue’, just to keep Monster’s toys in good repair.  I have glued tires back on, wings of plains and even action figures back together.  Now, please do not get me wrong, there are some toys that are REALLY well made and some that Monster plays with that are handed down from my childhood to Monster.  
What are your experiences?  Do your kids break everything?  I know that more expensive toys don’t actually mean better quality, but is there one brand you prefer over another? 
Today’s new listing – this one is unique.
Check out this wonderful collection I was included in!
Today’s  featured artist is jj-studio.  This wonderful studio hand carved birds.  The details on these birds is just amazing! Please check out their studio and let them know where you found out about them!  
No hops for today, I have to work on a new project…. I’ll let you know how it turns out! 
Today you can look in the mirror and say ‘hello’ to yourself….. you are wonderful!! ~KM
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