Weekend Re-Post 7/27/13

Originally Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today IS Terrific!  
Yes, after a bad morning yesterday, there was light at the end of the tunnel!  By NOON my day had come full circle from AYE being 1/2 hour late (on a testing day no less) to some great (private) news about a friend of mine.  So, as you all may well know, the day can change and life DOES go on!
I was talking to a dear friend of mine over the weekend about a blanket I made a couple of years ago for my mom’s birthday  (yes, I also crochet and knit).  I spent about 30 minutes looking for the photos and then realized that I wanted to SHOW it off to you.  THIS blanket, by far, was the biggest project I have ever done via crochet.  It is done in Simply Soft yarn and the bed is a CALIFORNIA KING (72 x 84 inches).  It is also on bed risers!  The stitch I used is one that has been passed down via my Aunt to my Mom and then to ME.  I am not sure where it originally comes from or what it’s name is, but we call it Basket Weave.  Very FUN and very SOLID stitch to do.

Today’s listing is from my ArtFire DESTASH studio.  I have been listing MORE and MORE books and Magazines over the past few days.  Please, go check it out if you like to do crafts.  There are books about MANY different things!!
And here is a BEAUTIFUL collection that I was included in, thank you Wyverndesigns for adding MY Pumpkin Line Bracelet along with these other great creations.
For over 30 years this talented wood carver has been perfecting her art.  SandraHealy’s studio is amazing!  Full of life and color.  She craves over 250 species by HAND and has researched and studied every one of them.  Between all the time she spends outdoors and the time she lovingly carves all of her ‘creatures’ it is no wonder that they are so so lifelike and beautiful!  Please go and visit all her links, leave her comments and enjoy her creations!  

Tonight is open house at AYE’s school, so for the thought of the day – enjoy your children.  They seem to come into our lives like a tornado – it is almost too AMAZING to watch!  ~KM
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