Weekend Re-Post 9/15/12

This is a weekend Re-Post from 

Memory Monday

As with most Monday’s I have been busy and thoughtful this past weekend.  Aye is now on Summer Vacation and we have already been cleaning and rearranging her room.  Thanks to all the ‘work’ being done around our house there have also been a great breakout of Ants!!!  Hubby spent several hours cleaning and spraying for ants – which will have to all be done again when they come to work again – all outside the house. Even Monster’s room is getting cleaned!!!!!  

The end result – hopefully – will be a much more simplified life and happier kids!!!  We also played many games of ‘rummy’ and ‘go fish’ over the weekend.  Playing cards became 
‘the thing’ 
over the last couple of days!!!  

Over the weekend I have also been working on some Marketing Strategies for my ArtFire Studio.  Although I have not been continuing the great sales I had on Etsy, I still think that the move to ArtFire was a good choice.  In the end, with my love to make ‘sparklies’ and the quality of my work, I should be OK.   I have to say that it is very hard to turn a Artist into a Business Person.  I have run small and large companies in my ‘past’ life, but they were all WORK.  This – Krafty Max Originals – is not only my passion, but also my obsession!!!   If anyone has and good marketing or selling ideas, please feel FREE to pass them along!  :~)

So as I start out this week with thoughts of cleaning, marketing and new creations in my head I would like to introduce you to PattyMara’s Sacred HeArt Cafe at DolphinSmile Studio. I have long admired her talented work on silk, and this one is no exception.  I just love the colors, the dragonflies and the saying……it all flows so very well!  I think this beauty might even inspire me to make something that matched??!?!?  Please enjoy her wonderful work – she has many different talents – and make sure you LIKE her so everyone can see!   Also, market her MARKET so you can find it again later, you’ll want to come back!
Enjoy your Memory Monday and remember, make it a better memory that yesterday!!!!!  ~KM
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