Weekend Re-Post 9/16/12


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Wicked Wednesday

Well, it is WICKED WEDNESDAY and we are only a few weeks away from Halloween!!  
Both my kids had their costumes already, although I still need a few ‘accessories’ for Aye’s!!  I want it to be a surprise, so I wont be adding any photos until the first time they wear them.  But I will tell you what they will be….this year things happened so fast they are both ‘commercially’ bought costumes. 
Monster will be SNAKE EYES from the movie G.I.Joe.  And Aye will be a Native American Princess!!

A wonderful surprise this morning was that I have been included in another collection.  Ms. Monica from wertmanphotography has choosen some wonderful artists to show off the ‘earth tones’.  
I have also included one of my favorites from Ms. Monica’s studio under the collection.  Please make sure that you leave a comment and some STARS!!! 
Handmade Soap

OK, Ms. Mily from Crafty Mom Mily 75 has made something that is TOOO CUTE!!  I can just think of what my Monster or Aye would think if they went to open their bedroom door and found this EYE BALL!!  It is just amazingly cute!  Please check out her wonderful studio and remember to let her know where you heard about her!!  

If you not ready for the fall or Halloween…now is the time…. do a quick search on Art Fire and you will find just about anything you can think of or want.  Enjoy your Wicked Wednesday and remember to be JUST a LITTLE bit Wicked today!!  ~KM

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