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Tantrum Thursday 6-30-11

Today I would like to start my Tantrum off by saying
I recently had the luck to need to call the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) , my cell phone company and our electric company all with in about 2 days of each other.  For any of you that have ever been put on the ‘eternal hold’ you will SO relate with this!
At first I just enjoyed the music and the message that would come on every few minutes and tell me how IMPORTANT I was and how much they WERE TRYING to get to my call.  Then as the time drug on I started talking to my phone – well, to myself, but we wont quibble!  It was a quiet, ‘If my call was so important, why don’t you answer it?’.  However, as time went on the irritation built and the volume of my voice did too!  With more than 20 minutes into the ‘YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US’ I was about ready to throw my innocent phone!
Towards the end I was calling from both my phone and my daughter Aye’s phone – just to see if I could get in a little faster!  One of the places I called (I will not mention who) had me on hold for over 75 minutes before I gave up completely and just DROVE to the place for any answer!  It took me less time!
For all of you who completely understand what I have been throwing a TANTRUM about, here is what we should do – go back to the basics!  Customer Service – the CUSTOMER is always FIRST!
Now, if I had a phone like this one from MandiesCandies I wouldn’t be complaining so much!  I could always EAT my phone when I got upset with the people on the other end!  This great mother of two has some very unique chocolate creations.  All I can say is that I am glad she doesn’t live to close to me, I would be visiting for ‘snacks’ everyday!!  They all look wonderful!  Please check out her shop and let her know were you heard about her studio!!
You can also find her here:
And now, a comment to think about as you go about your day….
shut up and listen,
you are on hold!
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2 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    While I haven’t been put on hold quite so long, I do know how it goes. I just put the phone on speaker, and either A. get up and dance around or B. continue with what I’m doing until someone answers.

    Either way, I’m not wasting time just SITTING there! o.O

    • Krafty Max

      I use the speaker too, but with a house full of people it is sometimes hard!! I usually BEAD while I am on hold!!