What a Mess, But I Started Over!

Yesterday I was able to show off my finished Hummingbird Art Creation, today I get to remind you of another creation I recently finished!!  This one is currently being judged at the Fire Mountain Gems Seed Bead Jewelry – Making Contest  This Art creation is the BIGGEST I have ever made, and I am so very proud of it!! (you can click on the photo to find out more about it!).  I know the judging takes time, but the waiting….oh MYYYYY!

Fire and Ice FINAL KM 4

WIth the start of a new creation yesterday I was so excited!! I am creating something for a wedding set….just to have in stock!!  I often get custom orders and am able to design creations for brides….but this one, will be bigger/better!! But, yesterday as I was ‘beading along’ I pushed just a little to hard through a bead and broke it.  If you don’t know the beads I use are tiny glass tubes.  When the bead broke it also cut the threads holding it….needles to say, here is the outcome!! Talk about a mess!  I had to separate and sort 3 types / sizes of white beads….did I mention that they are all WHITE!!!! wedding necklace wrk 6But, I worked a bit and here is where I start off this morning!! Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!

wedding necklace wrk 9Have you watched my video?  Have you shared it?  COMMENTED?  Please do.  And check out the rewards, they are BIG, BOLD and make it all worth while!!

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And IF it is still available, I am running a special on this necklace set.  It is for a limited time, but it is an AMAZING deal!! Marked down to $35.00 it will match any outting and outfit…and who doesn’t love PURPLE!!


Today I would like to leave you with this thought;


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