WHAT a way to start the week off!

Here it is, the GRAND OPENING!  Want to enter to win one of these 4 prizes??  Well, it is simple, click on over and enter!!

grand openingAnd if that isn’t enough I am offering FREE shipping to any purchase in the US!!  YEP, more great news!! 🙂

But I DID actually get to so more this weekend than just ‘play’ with the family and kids!!  Just look at my new photo book and backdrops…….

new forms

What do you think of them?  COOL, hu??  It will take a bit to get the photos down to the ‘science’ I had with my other set-up, but here is my first listing with the new look, not bad, right?brown wood beadwoven necklace 1And there is the NEW creation I get to start this morning!  This one is dear to my heart!  The center cameo was made by a friend….isn’t she talented?  If you want to check out all that she does…. here is her FB Page –https://www.facebook.com/DeeCeesWireWonders and her Etsy store – https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeeCeesWireWonders.  cream and purple cameo wrk 1

So, do you think that is enough for today?  I do!!  But, I want to leave you with this last thought;

It is the wise mother who gives her child ROOTS and WINGS! ~Chinese Proverb

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2 Responses

  1. Dolcie Crawford

    Can’t wait to see the final beauty featuring my cameo. You are awesome.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you very much! ~KM