What’s New Wednesday 9/24/14 (Yellow and Black, Autism Speaks and Blocks from the Heart)

 What’s new?  Well, LOTS!! I will be finishing one creation, starting another, doing a mini photo shoot, editing and listing a new creations….boy, lots to do!! I also hope to be able to work on the tutorial some more today!!  Plus, it is the last day of my sale, so I hope to be busy packing and shipping even more orders!! I am happy to say that this week I have shipped (or will be shipping today) 9 creations off to their home and 1 to it’s place to be auctioned off for a charity event!!   HAPPY DANCE all around the house!
For those of you who read my blog regularly you’ll know that I on occasion have a mini give-a-way or drawing for those who REALLY pay attention/read my blog.  Yesterday I asked for comments and each of the 3 people that did it will receive a FREE pair of Beadwoven Earrings.  So, make sure you READ the blog – all the way through – for random chances of certificates or free gifts!! 😉 
I am ALMOST finished with this one, and then I’ll get to start something new.  You can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page; I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
The Puzzle of Autism is a VERY dear to my heart subject. My son has #Aspergers and so when I created this I was thinking of him!! I will donate $50 of the sale to Autismspeaks.org in the name of the person that buys it, so hurry, you can support me and #Autism awareness today while my sale is still on!! 
Want to be in my 2014 Gift Guide? Prices range from $5 – $50!! 
(already several artists signed up)!
$5 for Name and up to 5 lines of text (or business card copy)
$15 1/2 Page of your artwork (or I can help with that) Tall or Wide
$30 FULL Page of your artwork (or I can help with that)
$50 2 Page SPAN and business card copy in the directory

Tell me which one(s) you would like and leave your email address and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. HURRY, first in get closer to the front!! 🙂

Don’t forget, the 30% off sale in still on – but only for the rest of the day, then it is back to regular price!!
Yesterday I introduced you to Ms. Katie Patton from Blocks From TheHeart.  Today I am honored to tell you a little bit more about her!!! This self proclaimed ‘handmade perfectionist’ makes not only her creations very personalized, but they are also made to be handed down for generations!  

She may be self taught, but she has really made a name for herself and even being published in the
June issue 2014 of the Cincy Chic magazine in the Spotlight section!!!
Here are just a few more of her creations for you to look at!! 


Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you a couple of MY favorites from her creations!! 
But for now, check out all her links!! 

Today I would like to leave you with thought;

For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also!
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  1. JoJo

    Darn! I missed your blog yesterday b/c I was at my mom’s and then had to pick up my husband. Oh well! Next time! 🙂 LOVE the beaded autism piece.

  2. QuadratIntel

    Enjoyed this very much! 🙂